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Libby retired from Nursing after a 15 year career to pursue her passion for all things Art and Tattoo. She has been drawing, painting and creating nifty pieces of art since she was a wee child. She grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania in a tiny rural Mining community. Her mother was also an artist and a sign painter and she believes that is where her love of art and creativity was derived. As a youngster she would roam the rolling pastures, creeks and hills sketching whatever caught her interest. It was and always has been an escape for her to get lost in her own little creative world. She never dreamed that she would one day grow up and be able to permanently draw on people for a living.

It’s humbling, exhilarating and gratifying all at the same time. Libby’s previous career as a nurse (the last 5 years of which were spent in the ER/Triage at Wake Med’s New Bern Campus) has been extremely advantageous to her current career. Because of her background Libby is well versed in cross contamination, blood borne pathogens, sterility of equipment, recognizing client’s adverse physical reactions and more.


Robin became interested in all aspects of body modification as a teenager and frequented the BME community. After coming of age she began getting piercings and hanging around Warlocks between classes. Robin apprenticed under Autumn Spinks at Warlock’s Tattoo in Raleigh for a year, and received training on the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) as well as attending their classes. After working part-time she was given the opportunity to become head piercer at Glory Days Tattoo in Clayton.

Robin loves all forms of art. She paints, writes short stories, sings and plays bass. Currently she is playing bass for a local Raleigh Misfits cover band called The MissFits with some of her best friends. She also read books like crazy, typically devouring 3 or 4 fiction books a week. Robin has been a vegetarian for over 15 years and she advocates for animal rights. She is also an avid gamer, so talk nerdy to her!

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