Body Piercing

Our Piercer, Robin is 9 years experience. Piercings are available every day that we are open Wednesday through Saturday.  Earlier times as well as appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays are an option, just call the shop to set one up!

Piercings start at just $30,  or 2 for $50 above the belt with jewelry included.  Call for exact, genital, and project pricing!

The State of North Carolina currently only has one law on record concerning body piercing- N.C. Gen. Stat. §14-400, which prohibits anyone from piercing any part of a minor under age 18, other than the ears without the prior consent of the custodial parent.  This means that cleaning standards, knowledge of anatomy, and proper piercing procedures are NOT regulated by state law.  Piercers in our state are not even required to be licensed by the health department, like tattoo artists are.  Please keep this in mind when shopping for your next awesome body modification- know your piercer!