I retired from Nursing after a 15 year career well over 5 years ago to pursue my passion for all things Art and Tattoo. I’ve been drawing, painting and creating nifty pieces of art since I was a wee child (4 years old). I grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania in a tiny rural Mining community. My mother was also an artist and a sign painter and I believe that is where my love of art and creativity derived from. As a youngster I would roam the rolling pastures, creeks and hills sketching whatever caught my interest. It was and always has been an escape for me to get lost in my own little creative world. I never dreamed that I would one day grow up and be able to permanently draw on people for a living. It’s humbling, exhilarating and gratifying all at the same time. My previous career as a nurse (the last 5 years of which were spent in the ER/Triage at Wake Med’s New Bern Campus) has been extremely advantageous to my current career as I’m very well versed in cross contamination, blood borne pathogens, sterility of equipment, recognizing client’s adverse physical reactions, etc.

Opening Conspiracy Ink Tattoos has been an incredible experience and I’m so very grateful to ALL of my regular customers as well as the new ones for helping us to continue to be successful.

After tattooing in other local shops in Raleigh and the surrounding areas for several years, I felt limited in my ability to actually serve the community and it’s citizens. After spending 15 years of my life as a Nurse serving patients in the community I guess the desire to help is still very much a part of who I am and what I would like my business to reflect. I desired to create a warm and inviting space for my clients to feel comfortable in expressing their ideas in order to create a one of a kind piece of art for them. Tattooing, much like Nursing is a very intimate and personal experience for both the client and the Artist. And I feel that each and every one of our clients deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. I enjoy talking to my clients and getting to know them and who they are and that often leads to developing some very special and incredible friendships. I like to think that every clients that sits down in my chair leaves as a friend.

I love being a Tattoo Artist and there is nothing like it in the world! Sometimes it hard to believe that I get paid to do something that I’m so passionate about, which makes it all the sweeter! I LOVE gray-wash, portraits(humans and furry creatures) and CUSTOM DESIGN Tattoos. My greatest joy is creating unique pieces for my clients. Wall flash is, well, it’s wall flash. It’s all fine and dandy if that’s what you dig, I personally never want to see any of the art that I have on myself on someone else. Flash is a good starting point when considering a new tattoo but I would much rather create a one of kind piece of art for my clients. I also enjoy painting, drawing graphite portrait’s, Neocolor multi-medium pieces, reading, comic books, graphic novels, as well as exploring some of the incredible pieces of tattooed art that other artist’s are creating.

I honestly believe that you never stop learning when it comes to tattooing and if you think you know it all as a Tattoo Artist, it’s probably time to hang it up and move on. Despite tattooing for nearly 6 years I know there is still so much more knowledge to be gained from observation of other Tattoo Artists, written literature and videos. I’m a firm believer in continuing my artistic education as it’s the very least I can do for my clients, friends and myself.

I pride myself on treating my clients as I would like to be treated and that is with non-judgmental respect. I’ve also have walked into a few shops and have been treated with disdain or like I just really didn’t matter, or that they were “too busy” or “too good” for the likes of me, or that my idea or design was not possible or looked upon in ridicule. And quite frankly, I find that incredibly disrespectful. I realize, especially after receiving a few really bad tattoos how important it is to find the right artist for your personal needs/piece. But more importantly to not be belittled or to be looked down upon for you ideas. I do my best to accommodate everyone, no matter what the request may be. I feel that devotion to creating a unique and comfortable setting for my clients sets me apart from other Tattoo Studio’s in the area and I hope my clients feel that same way.