What our clients are saying…

“Just wanted to send you a BIG thank you. My friend Angie and I are thrilled with our nose piercings. Your professionalism, artistic talent and ability to laugh is phenomenal! I will be back in a week or two for another piercing and to get started on my tattoo.” Melissa  02/26/2011

“You do such beautiful work!”    Mark Thomas

I just wanted to shoot you an update on your work.  My skin has healed pretty well over the past few days, and now that I have a clearer view of the tattoo, I’m happy to say the design & color look GREAT!  I’ll get an updated picture in the next few days and make sure I forward you a copy.  Thanks very much,
Joe                         02/15/2011
You are by far the best artist I’ve ever went to and your attention to detail is unfounded you are the best girl thank you so much for going above all the rest can’t wait for the next 100 tats lol thanks Libby u rock. Jim Lyon Creedmore NC. 01-03-2011

“I have 6 tattoos and have been in many tattoo shops, this shop is by far the most laid back, non judgemental shop I have been too. I never once felt like I wasn’t cool enough to be there and in fact had a blast while there. Libby is a very talented artist and I can’t wait to go back to finish my left sleeve and start on my right. I HIGHLY recommend Conspiracy Ink to everyone that is interested in a tattoo!!!”    December 04, 2010 by JBC in Pittsboro, NC

“Damn girl it looks amazing…..nice job I love it…..” Cathy Snyder in Willow Springs NC 12/29/2010

“Lucky for me you changed your profession or I wouldn’t have amazing art on my back!! =)”  Stephanie Klein

“I’m gonna eventually add more to it….I love it!!!!” Candi Ferrari December 11, 2010

“Hey Libby. Thanks for the wonderful work on the tattoo you did yesterday! I really enjoy it and love the way it came out. You can be sure I’m referring people to you if I hear anyone talking about getting work done.”    Matt Shumway

“Go see my girl Libby! She will hook you up with something amazing!”  Heather Estes Doughty

“i have ink by libby as well and people are amazed at how real my roses look”   Brennen Scott

“Loving my new tattoo, too! :)”   Sistine Burgess

“thanky you sweetie and for everyone to know Libby Mitchell is the one who done such a wonderful job with my tattoo thank you so much hugs and love”  Lee Turner

“Much love to the amazing Libby Mitchell at Conspiracy Ink Tattoo. Love the tribal badger. Best tattoo artist who has put ink on me. Can’t wait to get the piece finished. :)”   Matt Henry

“Libby did an awesome job! This means so much to me! Love it….thank you!!”   Monica Barbour

“I love it, Libby! Thank you so much! Conspiracy Ink is not only an AWESOME tattoo and piercing shop but they support their community and the people in it! Thank you for your donation to the JDRF Walk. YOU ROCK!! :)”   Jennifer Herman Holloway

“Libby inked MY MEN!!!! The tatts are WAY COOL!! I’m next!!! Maybe I’ll be in the spring/summer catalog! Libayeeee ROCKS!!!”    Sandra Bullock

“yall rawk! keep up da good ink!”   Kiri Drrt

“Wow, I was just looking through your new pics. Hadn’t looked at this since you posted it. What great comments. I love the soccer ball placement. Shit, I love the whole thing. Perfect!! Thanks again Libby! Rawk!!!”   Dawn Fouts

“Hey guys, thank you again for being so awesome! I love my tattoo and I’m already planning on the next ones… You all do such great work!”    Anneliese Gregory

“Thanks so much Libby, you are definitely my permanent tattoo artist. You are def the sweetest, artistic, and most caring artist I’ve met, first tattoo I’ve ever gotten where I didn’t feel like I was being kicked out of the chair and such.” Shane Sinsapaugh