To ALL of MY Tattoo clients, past and present.

Regardless, of what you may have been told or mislead to believe, I now OWN my own Tattoo Studio in Raleigh, NC and Conspiracy Ink is the ONLY place that I currently work at. Another shop may have made appointments for me in the past well after I QUIT working there and then accepted MY clients appointments without me being present. And this was due to an unscrupulous, greedy, artistically challenged  individual who does not care about their clients or their flesh. For that I apologize but I also have no control over how devious and manipulative some business owners can be especially when it comes to their own “bottom line”.

I actually care about ALL of my clients and their vision and I strive to give you my very best at all times. I’m sorry that several of you have fallen prey to my previous employer’s less than honest tactics but I will correct what ever disaster has befallen you due to their deceitful and corrupt practices.

Please feel free to contact me if you are unhappy with the what you received under the guise of having an appointment with me.  I will be more than happy to correct the permanent aberration you may currently be living with.

Please know that you DO have an option and that your poorly done piece can be repaired. Please see my portfolio of pieces that I’ve reworked.

Peace and apologies,

Libby Mitchell